February 21, 2024

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NYC Tribute to Service Workers

In heartfelt honor of the continuity of essential work, artist Mierle Laderman Ukeles, still today in her eighties, works to spread gratitude to service workers in New York City. Through her project, For → Forever…, brief artistic messages and gestures...

National AIDS Memorial Quilt

In the midst of the HIV/AIDS crisis, LGBTQ+ rights activists famously fixed a patchwork of love and honor into an ever-growing quilt. As a memorial to those lost, the Quilt’s legacy, story, and nearly 50,000 patches continue to be displayed and...

New Thoughts on Neuromusic

Across four studies, the influences of language perception, music, and similar auditory stimuli were observed on how human emotion and physical state were affected—even perceptions of coffee! Might “Neuromusic” expertise explain our human response to...

An Extraordinary Opera; Palermo

A pinnacle of public accessibility to the brilliant arts, Palermo, Italy’s Teatro Massimo is easily renowned for its transformation of troubled history into positive, inclusive culture. The opera distinguishes itself profoundly in its persistence to remain...

MWRL 100mm by Mladen Miljanovic

Mladen Miljanovic, an artist and professor, wants to explore how art can reconcile opposites and practically support societies going through transformation. With MWRL 100mm he explores the role of the artist in constructively deconstructing, decontaminating...

Mr. Trash Wheel

From the first Trash Wheel installed in 2008 up to the present, the idea of John Kellett has pulled over a million pounds of trash out of the water in Baltimore’s Harbor. His bug-eyed creation works by drawing power from solar panels and the current of...

"Water Music" by Luis Szaram

“Water is a natural resource that could be irremediably drained if the necessary measures are not taken”. This is the message of the musical ensamble Orchestra H2O Sounds of Earth. They not only use musical instruments made from salvaged waste, but they...

Murals in Mexico City

With nearly 7,000 new pieces of public art in the past three years, Mexico City artists illuminated an impoverished neighborhood with love, history, culture, and, of course, color, all through the vibrant charm of murals and rooftop art.


EcoLogicStudio has designed AirBubble, a children’s play pavilion that uses algae in solar-powered bioreactors to remove carbon dioxide and pollutants from the air. The London-based studio claims the 52 bioreactors mounted around the structure’s...

Mayor Mockus and His Mimes

In the midst of violence, traffic, corruption, and chaos, Mayor Antanas Mockus of Bogotá, Colombia stepped up his performance game and jumped to swap mayhem for mimes— and the results were extraordinary.