February 21, 2024

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A Colorful Tirana

Edi Rama, mayor of Tirana, Albania, firmly believed in the power of bold color. Rupturing the more neutral tones that were considered standard by members of the European Union, Rama illuminated Tirana’s infrastructure and transformed communities’ spirits...

Samurai Collect Trash

Inspired by traditional theatrical combat, five young street artists dressed as samurais and armed with their long tongs perform a striking choreography as they collect garbage in the streets. This eco-warriors are “the Garbage Collector Samurai”,...

Canary Island on "De po si to"

With the rhythm and rhyme of Despacito, this version of the Canarian group Chirimurga del Timple called De-po-si-to vindicates the role of citizens to keep the city clean.  In the video, the song of the spanish ‘Chirimurgueros’ communicates the different...

Smog Cleaning Tower

The Smog Free Project is a campaign for clean air in the cities, created by the dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde; The Smog Free Tower, co-designed by the artist in association with the clean-tech industry, is one of its urban innovation projects. This seven-meter...

“Nail Transphobia”, Charlie Craggs

No one can quite paint and shape nails—or perspectives—like a young transgender woman of London. Charlie Craggs creates safe spaces to discuss transphobia through her free pop-up nail salons in public venues, sharing her story and providing artful manicures.