July 20, 2024

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 Cases for Culture is a collection of evidence based illustrations of participatory arts as resources for policymakers. New cases and curated existing examples generally follow the Harvard Business School case method. These cases document measurable advances toward Sustainable Development Goals, often at the city level. Effective leaders know that arts can generate opportunities for personal and public development beyond existing paradigms. The cases range in geographic areas and in creative media to illustrate a variety of possible interventions and to anticipate new proposals. Leaders who expect good ideas from artists will recognize opportunities that merit the low-cost programs that the arts can deliver.

     With Cases for Culture, policymakers are able to consider examples and to reflect on how and why participatory art works to address “wicked” problems. These problems are transversal by definition. They do not respond to single criteria or to one area of expertise. Climate change, economic development, public health, education, violence prevention, immigration, etc., are challenges that require collaboration across municipal/ organizational functions. Leaders who collaborate in multidisciplinary teams and who recognize participatory arts as vehicles for civic collaboration expand their resources for effective policy. Cases for Culture show that the arts bridge diverse communities to develop social capital and to teach productive new skill sets.

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