May 24, 2022


March 24, 7:40-7:50PM ET Art has often been overlooked as fuel for development. Considered as either decoration or a collectible luxury, art has been narrowly understood as a product of culture rather than as the dynamic process of making.


Culture Connect Us

By YO YO MA Culture connects us. This is something I have believed for my entire life, and I have been lucky to see the proof wherever I go. Whether it’s a composer, orchestra and audience creating communality through a huge work, or a simple song shared by a mother and child, culture is how we create meaning, find purpose, understand each other, experience wonder and construct new realities.


The Essential Museum

By Ian Koebner
This commentary piece uses Kapsalon Theater, in which cultural institutions across the Netherlands skirted lockdown measures by becoming pop-up beauty salons and gyms, as a case for appreciating the cultural sector’s dire situation and reimagining its potential as an essential public health partner.


Cultural Agents Inc.

Cultural Agents is a platform for academics, artists, community leaders, and active citizens in general. It is an invitation to revive a long humanistic tradition that combines arts and research in the service of civic development.

A case for culture
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Nail Transphobia | Charlie Craggs

"If I had understood what art is and what it does to promote social capital, I would have made different decisions when I was Minister of Development in Paraguay. Policymakers generally have a blindspot when it comes to art as a resource for development."
June, 2021 | Jose Molinas, Director of Instituto Desarrollo, Asunción, Paraguay

"Science and Sociability will be our new course, for Europe's CIVIS consortium, to make good on this opportunity and obligation to engage the arts".
September 19, 2021 | Raquel Galindo, Autonomous University of Madrid, IAP

"Collaboration across arts and sciences is essential for climate justice and equity of resources."
October 22, 2021 | Mayor David Balaba of Iganga, Uganda.

"Art is not an extra…It is a vehicle for change. Looking forward to exploring pathways of collaboration at the community college and public education levels in New Jersey".
October 22, 2021 | Ed Johnson, Executive Director, Governmental Affairs and Community Relations, Brookdale Community College