January 20, 2022


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Policy Brief on Culture

Global Parliament of Mayors Summit, Palermo, Italy, October 22, 2021      On October 21-23, mayors from around the world, convened by the Global Parliament of Mayors, will gather virtually in Palermo to chart a path forward for leadership in the postCOVID...

Yes – the arts can help heal the world

by Charles Landry 2020 was a year of radical reckoning. It was a time to think afresh. Crises like the pandemic provoke a dramatic reordering of priorities, as well as deep reflection and rethinking. The pandemic wake-up call triggered a dawning of humility...

Art as Opportunity and Obligation

The current “United Nations Guidelines on Safer Cities” take a new and welcome peoplecentered approach to improving urban life. Until recently, safety was generally understood as security and pursued in top-down strategies of policing and infrastructure....