Under Construction

Under Development with Invited Game-Changers

In a trial series of five brown-bag-lunches (BBL,12-1 pm ET) or dinners (6-7 pm CET) policymakers, advisers, and other responsible parties for governmental and non-governmental institutions will propose and consider materials and approaches for online courses that will foster collaborations to promote Renaissance Now.

The objective is to harness the power of participatory arts to achieve the SDGs.

Game-changing leaders will be invited to meet informally and explore, co-design, the types of courses that can support the UN SDGs by engaging the arts as vehicles and skill sets. Leaders can expand their tool kits with participatory arts that develop human capital and social capital. 

Each BBL will address a relevant challenge and recommend some background reading to provide a flexible structure for the brief meeting.

A Certificate in “Culture and Development” will be the collective product of potential participants and their networks of colleagues.