The Framework

Arts and Policy
An interactive, case-based program for city leaders

Participants: The mayor’s cabinet, other staff members selected by the city’s administration.


Part 1: 
Arts and Policy: When the Arts Inform Public Management

(Four online two hour sessions)

Session 1: (Online, Two hours) Arts and Policy, Steps and Missteps


Description: A conceptual introduction to the program and its approach with exemplary mini-cases. Includes an interactive presentation/discussion of the history of arts and culture as contributors to policy and public management. Includes a comparison of two mini-cases to be discussed. 


Session 2: (Online, Two hours) Artful Leadership, Participatory Arts, Security, Integration, Social Capital


Description: Based on a study of almost two dozen major public design projects within mostly public-sector organizations in five countries, identifies effective leadership strategies critical to their success. 


Session 3: (Online, Two hours) Arts and Policy Toolkits 1: Change Management Frameworks


  • Arts complement both conventional and innovative Change Management Frameworks
  • Review of various frameworks
  • Address the blind spot of Change Management that ignores participatory arts


Session 4: (Online, Two hours) Arts and Policy Toolkits 2: Relational and Round


  • Models of Adaptive Leadership
  • Human centered design, Design thinking:
  • Systems thinking
Part 2:
Arts and Policy: Impacts on Cities and Citizens

(In person, 4 sessions, about 90 minutes each)


Session 5: (In-person) Customize Arts and Policy for Your City


Session 6: (In-person) Connect the Dots


Session 7: (In-person) Facilitated Working Groups


Session 8: (In-person) Finalize Projects Definitions



Part 3:  
Arts and Policy: Project Work

Work in groups over six month period, regular check-ins with project faculty.


Part 4:  
Arts and Policy: Summit

(In person, one day)

Presentation of projects and results from one or more cities. Plans for scaling up, integration, etc.